September 01, 2021 to @ 10:00 AM - September 30, 2021 @ 11:00 AM

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The Framer's Choice Gallery
402 Main Street,
Gaithersburg, 20878, MD , US



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Phone: 3019878711
Name: Framer's Choice Gallery
Ages: All ages


Noted Artist Vian Borchert’s series of paintings in a collection titled “Autumn Transition” is on exhibit for the month of September 2021 at the Framer's Choice Gallery. The Gallery is open Monday - Saturday from 10AM - 3PM. The "Autumn Transition" series depict the current mood of the artist and the change of atmosphere in the air from hot summer evenings to the breezy short days of Fall through metaphoric glimpses within the art. As we begin to witness the Fall of the leaves and the change in the air and season, a transition is about to happen. Perhaps in the Fall, we’ll fall back to our old ways and back to our normal lifestyle, routine and everyday mundane activities. The schools have opened up, children are back at school like normal, COVID seems like a thing of the past, or is it? The Fall in a way will show us the way of what will come ahead. After a turbulent year that has been marked by disease, death, war, wildfires and natural disasters, will Fall take it slow and bring us much needed ease to the atmosphere? The artist ponders such a question along with stepping back and falling back into old ways of slowly resuming life and getting back to activities of Pre-Covid era times. The Fall by itself is a season of transition and change. It is the beginning of the end so to speak of the luscious green landscape transforming slowly into shades of brown, burgundy and beige while falling back to the earth for a form of rebirth. The cycle of death takes many shapes and forms while going through a multitude of colors before all wither and die, disperse, disappear into the cold barren Winter season. The conceptual idea of such a transition is presented via shades and colors abstractly and conceptually through the artist’s poetic vision. For the art of Vian Borchert hints and evokes to ignite the imagination about our nature, our environment and our ever changing world.
Besides having the paintings of the "AUTUMN TRANSITION" on exhibit in the physical gallery for the month of September, one can also view the works on display through this VR gallery tour link:

For more about the international acclaimed artist Vian Borchert, visit: