Adventure Theatre Premeries New Musical “Fantastagirl and the Math Monster”

June 17, 2022 to @ 07:00 PM - August 21, 2022 @ 07:00 PM

This event occurs daily, every 1 day(s)

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7300 MacArthur Blvd / Glen Echo, MD 20812
7300 MacArthur Blvd,
Glen Echo, 20812, MD , US
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Phone: 301.634.2270
Name: Jack Steuble


Fantastagirl, a second-grade superhero who uses words to save the day, comes face to face with her worst nightmare: the Math Monster! When confronted with problems too big for words alone to solve, Fantastagirl must accept help from her friendly, furry, fraction-loving foe. While Fantastagirl and Math Monster use words and numbers to help her friends and scientist moms, something far more sinister than Math brews on the horizon.