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  • Family-run Ethiopian restaurant with a modest dining room but some exemplary cooking. Don't miss the vegetarian sampler, and in nice weather, opt for eating outside in the lovely, shaded back patio.

  • The second branch of a D.C. Ethiopian spot, this restaurant and bar took over the space housing Suma. The décor is modern-contemporary and the menu features dishes—from beef to vegan—served on one large platter, meant for sharing, and Ethiopian wine.

  • Named for the popular Ethiopian vacation spot, Lake Langano, this longtime restaurant offers fine Ethiopian cuisine such as doro wat (spicy chicken stew) and tibs (stewed meat) in a cozy white- and red-accented dining room. Lunch specials on weekdays.

  • The authentic Ethiopian menu here includes beef and lamb plates, such as kitfo (raw beef) sandwiches and boneless braised yebeg alicha (Ethiopian mild lamb stew). The interior is decorated with Ethiopian-inspired art and features a full bar.

  • This family-owned, Ethiopian-Italian restaurant serves classic vegetarian, beef and chicken Ethiopian plates, alongside Italian entrées such as pesto pasta with chicken. For breakfast, try a traditional Ethiopian dish of kinche (a buttery grain porridge) or firfir (bread mixed with vegetables in a red pepper sauce).

  • The menu features authentic Ethiopian cuisine with lots of vegetarian and vegan options. House specialties include Dulet Assa, chopped tilapia mixed with onion, garlic and jalapeño and served with a side of homemade cheese.