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September-October 2020


Hollywood east

Montgomery County plays a starring role in more than 100 films

Book report

New works from Bethesda-area authors

Harnessing the sun

Here’s what to consider when deciding if solar energy is right for you


Dealing with pet antics when you're working from home

College bound

Where Bethesda-area high school graduates applied to college and where they were accepted

Rooted in love

A Gaithersburg couple who met in elementary school had a farm wedding that included a fig tree planting, a Blues Brothers dance, and the groom doing the worm

Pitch perfect?

How four local businesses fared on ABC’s Shark Tank


As a child, Megan Mendoza faced leukemia, then a relapse and the bouts of depression that came along with it. Pediatric nurses had such an impact on her life that she decided to become one, too.

‘These tactics must stop’

Amid rising tension surrounding police conduct, Council member Will Jawando says he'll keep standing up for those whose voices aren’t being heard

The reimagined home

A front porch, multiple offices, an exercise room, touchless faucets, soundproof walls—pandemic life is changing the features and floor plans that local residents want

Making weaves

Rattan and cane are not just for the porch anymore

On the front lines

Meet 13 local medical heroes who are fighting to save lives as the pandemic rages on

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