September-October 2010


In a Class of Their Own

They instill a love of learning, offer encouragement in facing a new challenge and even push us toward a particular path in life. The following six teachers will be remembered long after their students have left their classrooms.


As Maryland's attorney general, Bethesda's Doug Gansler isn't known for speaking softly-but he does carry a big stick.

The Sub-Text of Scandal

Cheating, sexting, a fantasy sex league: Are these recent events symptoms of a larger problem with kids today?

Window to the Future

A house in Bethesda and guesthouse in Garrett Park are pushing the boundaries of green: They rely on insulation for heating and cooling.

A Beauty Named ‘Winona’

She was stately and grand-as befitted the great-great-great-grandson of Martha Washington-and she had a heart of stone.

‘Post’ Parting

Pulitzer Prize-winner David Hoffman on starting over.

St. Mary’s Rise—and Spectacular Fall

Reborn as an archaeological site, the city and its environs are the perfect place to view the autumn leaves.

Since You Asked: Sept.-Oct. 2010

Questions and answers about the Bethesda area.

Sabrina's Makeover Magic

The HGTV star and Bethesda resident is making a name for herself one house transformation at a time.

Math Problems

Kids are being pushed into accelerated classes-and some parents and educators say it's time to put on the brakes.



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