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September-October 2009


Welcome Home

A group started by members of Columbia Country Club helps injured service members and their families get a dose of normalcy.

This is a Test

Do Spice Xing and Angeethi make the grade?

Wheeling to Work

Each day, up to 600 NIH employees ride their bikes to work and, in the process, get exercise, save money and help the environment.


A growing number of people are replacing their grass with more eco-friendly and diverse alternatives.

Kitchen Face-lifts

These Bethesda-area homeowners got dazzling new eating and entertaining spaces for under $100,000.

Almost Famous

Meet six Bethesda-area musicians who have had success without stardom-and who like it that way.

The Second Act

After humble beginnings, Denyce Graves rocketed to fame in the opera world. Now, after moving from Paris to Bethesda, she's launching a new phase of her life.

Rethinking the Rankings

An analysis of the country's high school rankings raises questions about their usefulness.

What Makes a Great Teacher?

The best teachers are smart, knowledgeable and dedicated, but it is their ability to connect with students that truly sets them apart.

Traveling…With Children

Clearly, the numbers were against them.

Walking the Walk

Having trouble getting motivated to exercise? Joining (or forming) a walking group might be the thing for you. Here are three groups that get together regularly to walk-and talk

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