Women in Business Profiles

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Photo by John Ferris

Webb Soypher McGrath, LLC

Rhian McGrath, Deborah L. Webb, Malorie Letcavage, Lisa Fishberg


4340 East West Highway, Suite 401
Bethesda MD 20814


Phone: 301-298-8401

Website: https://www.wsmfamily.com

Q: How do you measure success?

A: We measure success by two factors: The favorable outcomes we receive for our clients, and our reputation for providing outstanding legal services. Family law requires the ability to expertly guide clients through a challenging period, helping them make informed and goal-oriented decisions, and enabling our clients to achieve the best results for themselves and their families, whether with respect to custody of children, or financial stability and the preservation of assets. We succeed because our clients consistently achieve positive long-term resolutions of their critical family transitions. When someone is in need of family law services, our colleagues, the judges in the courts where we practice, and our former clients trust and recommend the attorneys at our firm time and time again.

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