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Photo by Heather Fuentues

Page A. Morris, LCSW-C

First Steps Psychological Services


Located in Chevy Chase, MD


Phone: 301-653-4597

Website: https://www.firststepspsych.com

Q: What have been the repercussions of COVID on your field?

A: Mental health conditions can be triggered by loss or a frightening event. Many have lost loved ones or jobs to COVID; most of us have lived isolated from family and friends. Following these unprecedented conditions, we’re now seeing symptoms of COVID trauma – anxiety, depression, substance use and eating disorders. Having suffered from COVID myself, I am uniquely positioned to understand and support my clients’ recovery.

”With 31 years of experience, I am passionate about helping adolescents, adults and families heal from stressful situations by working with them to build healthy self-images.”

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