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McCabe Russell, PA

Heather McCabe, Esq., Co-Managing Partner; Emily Russell, Esq., Co-Managing Partner


Offices in Bethesda, Rockville and Maple Lawn 


Phone: 443-812-1435

Website: https://www.mccaberussell.com

Q: What makes McCabe Russell unique?

A: We are a 100 percent women-owned business. As such, we empower our team members to grow within the firm and in their own lives, striking the right work-life balance that remains elusive to so many others in the male-dominated legal profession. While our work as attorneys is laser-focused on protecting the best interests of our clients, our goal as a company is to help our female members reach new professional heights while pursuing their own paths to success. We do this by remaining selective about the cases we take, offering mentorship opportunities to less experienced team members, and promoting from within to ensure our clients — many of whom are men — receive the best possible representation.

Q: Why choose McCabe Russell?

A: Our award-winning team of attorneys offers 65 years of family law experience and is committed to working at the highest ethical levels. Treating our clients and their cases with dignity and discretion allows us to provide a safe and comfortable environment for families and individuals alike. We understand that telling a stranger the intimate details of your life can be a challenge but know first-hand that those details are crucial to building a successful strategy. That is why we give our clients unshakeable legal and emotional support. A successful case relies on mutual trust and respect, and we owe it to our clients to be as honest with them as they are with us.

McCabe Russell, P.A. provides thoughtful, competent counsel to clients seeking divorce and family law-related services in Maryland. The firm’s diverse team of attorneys offers uniquely varying perspectives and has garnered a reputation as fierce litigators and negotiators on behalf of clients with a wide array of needs.

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