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Cailin J. Talbert, Senior Associate; Katelyn E. Holbrook, Associate; Isabella C. Demougeot, Senior. Photo by Hillary Schwab Litigation Associate Elizabeth J. McInturff, Partner Claire E. Kretschmer, Law Clerk

JDKatz, PC


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Q: What woman inspires you and why?

A: We are incredibly inspired by the female legal pioneers who have played a significant role in shaping Maryland’s legal landscape. These notable women include Justices DuFour, Davidson, Raker and Barbera, as well as our mentors who have supported us throughout our careers. 

Judge DuFour overcame rampant skepticism to become the first woman circuit court judge in Maryland. She went on to become the first female Chief Judge to the Sixth Judicial Circuit and was instrumental in framing the judiciary as we know it today. Since then, Maryland has led the way in appointing women to the Bench, including to the highest courts of the State.

Justice Davidson was appointed to the Court of Special Appeals in 1972 and elevated to the Court of Appeals in 1979. She was the first female judge to sit on either of these courts. Justice Raker served as the second woman to ever sit on that Court, after having already shattered glass ceilings as the first woman prosecutor in Montgomery County. Presently, the Hon. Mary Ellen Barbera serves as Chief Judge on the Maryland Court of Appeals, the highest court in the State.  

These and the other women of the Maryland judiciary have been strong advocates for the women climbing behind them and are our inspirations in our choice to study law and in our shaping of our own careers.

JDKatz, P.C.'s team of experienced lawyers achieves excellent results in the areas of civil and commercial litigation, business law, trusts and estates, and elder law. The firm's well-versed attorneys are fully prepared to take on your case and resolve your respective legal matters in the best way possible.

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