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Tamara Kucik, Susan Barker & Erica O’Neill

Real Living at Home


12505 Park Potomac Ave., 7th Floor
Potomac, MD 20854


Phone: 301-652-0643


Q: How do your clients describe your team?

A: Our team is loyal, creative at solving problems, hardworking, professional and values the human-to-human connection in a transaction. Real estate is a people business—not a housing business. It’s not just a transaction.

Q: What is the biggest challenge in your job?

A: Re-educating consumers that buying or selling cannot be systematized. People and homes have personalities. Bringing clients the best outcome is like baking a cake. You have to know what’s needed, how much is needed, what’s not needed, timing, when something isn’t right and how to change course, where to find help and most importantly, when you’re on the right path or not. Until you’ve baked dozens of cakes, you don’t know you’re going down the right path.

Q: What makes your team different than other real estate agents?

A: We bring volumes of experience in both real estate and related businesses. We share what we’ve learned which shortens the learning curve for all of us. Our arsenal of real estate knowledge can’t be found on the Internet.

Sell 50 houses and you may not have any major obstacles or hurdles. But sell 2,000, as we have, and you’ll have learning opportunities that will strengthen your skillset for future clients.

Q: What is the most significant change in real estate during your career?

A: The introduction of the do-it-yourself approach by discount online brokerages or brokerages that focus on technology has clouded understanding of what a good Realtor does for a client. Technology provides data. Seasoned Realtors provide solutions.

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Honors & Awards: 2,000 + Real Estate Contracts Negotiated; 27 Years of Industry Knowledge; All DMV Locals; Top 10% of Agents Nationwide; Securing $50 Million in Real Estate Annually, Full-time Realtors and Full-time Moms with 11 Children Between Us. If you want something done, efficiently and organized, ask a busy Mom!

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