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From left to right (standing): Dr. Ira Fisch Dr. Eric Feuchtbaum Dr. Joseph O'Brien. Courtesy photo



10215 Fernwood Road, Suite 506
Bethesda, MD 20817


Phone: 301-530-1010


At the Washington Spine & Scoliosis Institute of OrthoBethesda, Drs. Ira Fisch, Joseph O’Brien and Eric Feuchtbaum specialize in treating spinal conditions and allowing people to once again live and move with less pain. Together, the doctors have over 50 years of experience treating conditions that affect the spine, including sports injuries, arthritis, sciatica and disc problems.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, they emphasize conservative treatments, such as spinal rehabilitation and injections, before considering surgery. “My obligation is to treat people non-surgically and then use surgery only when absolutely necessary,” says Dr. Fisch. Above all, the doctors highlight the importance of putting patients first. They listen to their patients’ concerns and collaborate with them on a treatment plan. “Healthcare is personal,” says Dr. O’Brien. “It’s so important to have the patients’ best interests in mind. I’ve always tried to give them the care that I would want.”

When surgery is the most appropriate option, the doctors use minimally invasive and robot-guided procedures to relieve pain and restore function. “We use muscle-sparing techniques that require much smaller incisions than traditional surgery,” says Dr. Feuchtbaum. “Our patients spend less time in the hospital, recover more quickly and take less opiate pain medication after surgery.”

Their high rate of successful outcomes reflects each doctor’s commitment to delivering individualized treatments that work. “The best reward for a surgeon is seeing your patient with an improved quality of life after surgery—that’s why we went into this field,” says Dr. Feuchtbaum. “We really can make a tremendous impact on each patient’s life.”

The Spine Specialists at OrthoBethesda have been restoring function and improving quality of life for more than 50 years. They have received Top Doctor recognition in Washingtonian and Bethesda Magazine. Dr. O’Brien and Dr. Feuchtbaum also see patients at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington.

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