Look Good, Feel Good Profiles

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Photo by Tamzin B. Smith Portrait Photography

Rachel Cohn

Optometrist, Wink Eyewear Boutique


1095 Seven Locks Road
Potomac, MD 20854


Website: https://www.wink.net/

Q: Why is choosing the right glass frames so important?

A: Today, with mask-wearing mandates still in place, the emphasis is on the eyes. It’s what people see first, so it’s important for your frames to make a positive statement about you. And with so many meetings on Zoom and FaceTime, everyone should be wearing glasses for blue light protection.

My staff has both optical knowledge and a good sense of style. We give customers honest feedback on whether frames suit their face and personality and encourage them to have fun trying on lots of styles. We encourage buying a few pairs for different occasions and always being open to change. New shapes and colors can add life to your face.

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