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yZiGN Interior Design


7315 Wisconsin Ave, Ste 400W
Bethesda, MD 20814


Phone: 301-718-8774

Email: Hello@yZiGN.com

Website: https://yzign.com


yZiGN is the Boutique Interior Design Studio specialized in creating signature interior designs. Iwona Petrov and Alex Petrov are co-founders and together run this versatile high-end firm. Their team of designers enjoys working with clients who are looking for something unique. Something different to complement their personality and style.

Our work:

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yZiGN’s impressive mastery and broad range of style is a reflection of their desire to create beautiful homes that affect your emotional state, your behavior and your overall state of mind. From the most intimate homes to the grandest residences, yZiGN takes bold design concepts and infuses them with style, warmth, sophistication and a sense of home. Seeking out the perfect object, unique work of art, or the desired antique, the yZiGN team creates environments that reflect their clients’ lives and personalities.

What sets yZiGN apart is their natural talent, collaboration process, attention to detail and their desire to push creative boundaries in ways that respect and redefine traditional design aesthetics. Their designs create spaces where their clients feel moved and inspired. yZiGN’s innovative and refreshing approach and ability to visualize and interpret a diverse range of clients’ needs are unmatched.

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