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Trent Heminger & Mary Noone

Trent & Co. at Compass Real Estate


5471 Wisconsin Ave., 3rd Floor


Phone: 301-298-1001

Email: mary.noone@compass.com

Website: https://trentandco.com

Q: What renovations will get me the highest return when selling my home?

A: So often clients smartly ask, “what matters?” “What will get our biggest return?” For clients who may be considering a move within the next 5-10 years, you can easily offer folks a Home Warranty or disclose the roof age and repair list. More important are nice kitchens and baths. People in this area don’t have time to renovate and need ‘move in ready.’

If you’re considering changes to your home, ask us what will add value! Not only do we have great resources, but also examples of selling that get you the highest return. Currently a simple white counter to “blend in” your darker cabinets is all that’s needed to give your home a fresh look while gaining you the biggest return.

Always ask. We’d rather weigh in now than have you invest in something that doesn’t get you the highest return later.

Q: Where is the home market going since Covid?

A: No one has a crystal ball. But we do have many strong numbers to share what’s happening. During Covid, several ZIP codes in Bethesda that typically average 140 single-family homes available in a month had all-time lows of 40 homes! That’s a lot of inventory to make up. While we may start to see “less crazy,” with so much pent-up demand, well-priced, move-in-ready homes will continue to be a void. Don’t be afraid to explore where your home comes in. We are always happy to share the reality in real estate numbers.

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With more than 90 collective years in real estate, and $210 million worth of sales and 302 transactions in 2020 – Trent & Co is ranked #1 for medium-sized teams in the DMV for both volume transactions by this year’s Wall Street Journal’s annual REAL Trends + Tom Ferry’s The Thousand.

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