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Elie Ben Architecture

Maryam Tabrizchi, AIA


Bethesda, Maryland


Phone: 202-860-7050

Email: Maryam@ElieBenArch.com

Website: https://www.eliebenarch.com

Q: How do you start the design and build of a residential project?

A: Building a successful project starts from a functional and cost-effective architectural solution. We start our process of design by understanding the unique requirements of your project. Whether you build a modern, transitional or traditional style, your vision drives the style we design for you. Your vision coupled with the architect’s extensive expertise brings your project to life.

A successful project is a team work that requires collaboration between the Client, Architect, Engineers and Builders. We are experts in coordinating among all the team members. Elie Ben Architecture is passionate in closely working with clients by getting them involved during the design process. We value client’s expectations and are committed to a seamless client experience.

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