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Photo by Heather Fuentes

The Face of Posture Correction & Pain Relief

Bethesda Spine & Posture

Dr. Daniel Kraus, DC and Dr. Rosell Belmont Monell, DC


Phone: 301-656-2435

Website: https://www.bethesdaspineandposture.com

Poor posture leads to a wide variety of musculoskeletal and pain issues, and Drs. Kraus and Monell are experts in fixing them. Utilizing less-invasive treatments first and only then graduating to more invasive therapies if needed, they tailor posture correction programs to fit each patient’s needs and goals. They may use biophysics adjustments, mirror image exercises, Active Isolated Stretches, physical therapies, deep tissue laser and many forms of traction—all of which can improve mobility, decrease pain and restore proper function.

“Our best patients are looking to make long-lasting posture improvements for overall health and wellness,” says Dr. Kraus.

“We don’t turn away people looking for pain management, but we want our patients to truly understand the relationship between proper posture and proper function,” says Dr. Monell.

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