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The Face of Making a Difference, One Child at a Time

Libby Dubner King, Executive Director | Westmoreland Children’s Center


Phone: 301-229-7161

Website: https://wccbethesda.com

Libby absolutely loves her job. Bringing a sense of wonder to a child is magical for her. “I’m a strong believer in early childhood education and I’m truly committed to our children, families and the community.”

“Children learn best by direct hands-on experience. The need to actively explore and manipulate materials and toys, discovering answers, relationships, skills and concepts for themselves. We lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning in every child that comes through WCC. Children are naturally playful, and that play builds strong self-confidence.”

WCC programs inspire children to learn through play and the thrill of discovery. Classrooms are warm, nurturing and exciting, which makes learning fun. At both locations along Massachusetts Ave., preschoolers develop a love of play, exploring and lifelong friendships.

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