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The Face of Divorce & Child Custody Advocates

Law Offices of Sandra Guzman Salvado

Sandra Guzman Salvado Esq., Magdalena D’Aiuto, Esq., Margarita Ortiz, Esq.


Phone: 240-620-9437

Website: https://www.guzmansalvadolaw.com

Sandra has been practicing exclusively in family law and passionate about this area since she was first licensed in Maryland. Her clients may be going through the most painful and darkest time of their lives. With over a decade of experience, she offers the legal advice, hope and perspective needed at a time when nothing is clear and everything is hard to do or see.

Sandra believes that everyone’s life experiences teach them to better understand and help others. She hosts a podcast and frequently posts on her blog and social media, because everyone cannot afford legal representation and turn to free sources of information to cope. If anyone gains new perspective, hope or strategy to manage their difficulties, from listening, reading or consultation with her, she is satisfied.

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