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Photo by Stephanie Williams

The Face of Complex Family Law

Feldman Jackson

Front Row: Anne Marie Jackson, Darryl Feldman | Back Row: Rachel De Rose, Rebecca Shankman, John S. Dame


Phone: 301-715-8110

Website: https://www.feldmanjackson.com

At Feldman Jackson, the entire practice concentrates on family law. Routinely, cases involve complex issues relating to financial assets, valuation and business interests, as well as issues regarding custody of children. While a negotiated settlement is almost always preferable, we strategically pursue litigation if that will best achieve our client’s goals or protect their interests.

Firm attorneys are ranked among the top national and local family law professionals and frequently teach CLEs, including trial advocacy, to other family law attorneys. With this experience comes acumen and ability to creatively solve complex family law issues. 

With a reputation for integrity, judgment and skill, we offer our clients compassion, guidance and a sense of control. Feldman Jackson helps our clients manage change with integrity.  

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