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Photo by Heather Fuentes

The Face of Boarding

Olde Towne Pet Resort


Phone: 888-475-3580

Website: https://www.oldetownepetresort.com

There’s no place like home—but with the love and attention the Olde Towne Pet Resort team devotes to pets in its care, a stay there is as close as it gets.

“Your pets are part of your family, and our family too,” says Olde Towne Pet Resort owner Leah Fried Sedwick. “We designed our resorts with your pet’s well-being in mind. That care includes 24/7 staffing, premier spacious suites and features such as webcams, sound proofing, filtered auto-fill water dishes and hospital-grade air system. We offer a choice of activities such as day camp, swimming and cardio to help keep them engaged and fit.”

From thoughtful creature comforts to extra cuddle time, every stay at Olde Towne Pet Resort is just like being at home…maybe even better.

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