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Photo by Hilary Schwab

The Face of a Top Divorce Lawyer & Author

David Bulitt, Attorney at Law, Joseph Greenwald & Laake, P.A.


Phone: 240-399-7888

Email: dbulitt@jgllaw.com

Married to a family therapist and a father of four daughters, David Bulitt brings unique perspective to every client’s case. A skilled mediator and litigator, he maintains the highest rankings on national, regional and local top divorce lawyer lists. Much of his work involves direct discussions and negotiations with opposing counsel, both with regard to children and finances. “People should take the opportunity to make their own decisions—before leaving their family’s future up to a judge,” he says. 

Blending their professional practices with personal experiences, in 2020 David and Julie published the award winning book, “The Five Core Conversations for Couples.” The couple spends much of their spare time speaking to companies, groups and organizations on the much neglected connection between satisfaction at home and success at work.

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