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Photo by Tony J. Lewis

The Face of a Modern Family Law Firm

Strickler, Platnick & Hatfield, P.C.


Phone: 240-617-0404

Website: https://www.modernfamilylawfirm.com

Families evolve, as do laws governing disputes. So why work with a law firm that does things the same old ways? We call ourselves “The Modern Family Law Firm” because our attorneys are on the cutting edge of family law. We work with clients in all family configurations, and remain current with new developments. Besides being experienced and effective litigators, we are trained in mediation, collaborative law and other alternative dispute resolution methods.

The attorneys you entrust with your family law matter will have a profound impact upon your life. We know that our thoughtful actions make a world of difference for our clients’ lives, children, assets, resources and emotional well-being. Allow us to help guide you with the courage, capabilities and compassion you deserve.

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