Ask the Experts: Seniors & Aging

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Photo by Heather Fuentes

Maplewood Park Place

Meet Diane, Derek and Donald - Three of the Owner Residents at Maplewood Park Place


9707 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda, MD 20814


Phone: 301-850-1950


Q: Why did you choose a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

A: Derek: “[My wife and I] would have our independent living… we could buy our own place. And if or when the time came where we needed assisted living or skilled nursing care, we could both be in the same place under the same roof.”  

Diane: “My husband started showing signs of dementia, and his neurologist said there would come a time when it would be difficult for me to take care of him. When we came here, my husband’s words were: ‘If we’re going to leave Charlottesville, this is the place for us.’” 

Donald: “We also gave a gift to our adult children, because during this whole time, they were terrified about what might happen to us. And the fact that we were being protected and cared for… was an enormous plus.” 

Q: Now that you’re at Maplewood Park Place, what are some of your secrets for active, vibrant living?

A: Derek: “We started coming to musical performances and lectures… I got involved in politics, joining the board, and committees… This place is full of really interesting people.”  

Donald: “I’m a former semi-professional ice hockey player, so the fitness room here is very important to me. The pool is an indoor pool that’s available to us all year around.”

Q: How would you describe the people here at Maplewood? 

A: Diane: “People are just so warm and friendly, and want to be part of us. We would come over for the exercise classes… for holiday get-togethers, and every time, people would come up to us and say ‘stay for dinner.’”  

Donald: “You have a group of people here who were very much like us: accomplished, schooled, interested in vibrance in living, and people who think of themselves as highly independent.”

Looking for a welcoming, energetic senior living community in the Bethesda area? Maplewood Park Place provides diverse opportunities to engage with your community, make new friends, and live life as you see fit. And we offer a variety of customizable homes to suit your lifestyle. To schedule your personalized visit, call us at 301-850-1950.

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