November-December 2018 | Home & Garden

Designed for Fitness

Inside three local home gyms

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The built-in basketball court was one of the reasons Bruce Lane and his wife, Leslie, decided to buy their Bethesda home. Photo by Michael Ventura.


Home Court

After Bruce and Leslie Lane bought their 16,000-square-foot home in Bethesda’s Edgemoor neighborhood in 2013, they worked with the home’s original construction company, Sandy Spring Builders, to gut much of the main level and create a reconfigured space that would better suit their needs and taste.

But the lower level, where the family plays and works out, went untouched.

“This floor was one of the reasons why I wanted to buy the house. You have a built-in basketball court, exercise room and amazing rec room,” says Bruce, who enjoys shooting baskets after a day at his office—just a few blocks away at The Meridian Group, where he is co-founder and managing director.

Leslie, a freelance photographer with a home office, uses the elliptical, treadmill and weights a couple of times a week. “There is no excuse not to work out,” says Leslie, who usually watches the news or a movie on the wall-mounted television while she’s in the exercise room. “I was excited to have a designated gym. I knew it would up my workout level.”

The Lanes’ two children are now in college, but both were active in high school sports, so the gym was a popular spot to hang out with friends. The basketball court was especially a hit with their daughter, Dana, who was a forward on the Georgetown Day School girls basketball team and would invite classmates over to play. The court, which is about 26 by 40 feet with a 24-foot ceiling, is also good for playing badminton or practicing soccer shots.