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November-December 2016


The Time Abraham Lincoln Came to Rockville

The 16th president's visit to Rockville in 1861 helped keep Maryland in the Union

Book Report

New books by local authors Glenn Whitman, Ian Kelleher, Steve Roberts, Herta Feely and John Yochelson

Family Portrait: Meet the Ateeks

College sweethearts live in Silver Spring with their son and daughter

In the Name of Luv

Soon after Carolyn Mattingly was murdered in her Potomac home, her husband, Richard dedicated his life to making something good come out of the tragedy

From Journalist To Botanical Artist

Silver Spring's Susannah Zak Figura talks branching out into a new career

Behind the Scenes of a Reality TV Production Company

Inside the Bethesda-based production company behind "Say Yes to the Dress," "The Real Housewives of D.C." and "Junkyard Empire"

Get Away: Holiday On the Bay

Plus, sleep like a POTUS at the renovated Mayflower Hotel in D.C.

How a Trio of Acrobatic Gymnasts Won Gold

Sara Mercer, Sophia Handel and Cameron Jones won the top prize in their category at the USA Gymnastics Championship in Providence, Rhode Island

Six Cutting Edge Medical Procedures Happening in the Bethesda Area

Thanks in large part to the National Institutes of Health our backyard is an international hub for medical innovation

How to Make an Impression During the Holidays

Bethesda Fine Stationary owner says holiday cards, wrapping and paper invitations will never go out of style

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