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November-December 2014


Person of Interest: #AStarIsBorn

Will B-CC grad Steven Kelly be Bethesda's next claim to fame?

Tattoo Me

It seems like everyone has ink these days. Steve Goldstein decided to give it a try.

Who Makes What

From local politicians to high school principals to titans of business-here's a look at what high-profile members of the community are paid

‘Let’s See What We Find Today’

Animal Services Officer Lavonia Byrd does more than pick up cats and dogs-she can be called on to rescue squirrels, capture bats, or corral wandering horses.

Cooking Class: A Twist on Tradition

Tired of serving the traditional turkey? Why not try duck? Though it's a seasonal favorite, this succulent alternative has a reputation for being difficult to prepare.

Feels Like Home

After finding a house in the perfect neighborhood, a couple renovates to reflect their love of art and passion for the environment.

Cool Companies

Cooking competitions, treadmill desks, unlimited vacation-here are five local companies with great perks

Making a Scene: Art in Richmond

Long a destination for Civil War buffs, Richmond embraces its artistic side

Steve Roberts' Hometown: A Sense of Place

How volunteering helped one local man forge a connection with the past-and the present

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