Barbara Reno and Ray Stewart

Barbara Reno and Ray Stewart

Married September 1, 2012 in Brussels, Belgium

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Bride and Groom

Barbara Morrison Reno is the former Executive Director of Chief Executives Organization, headquartered in Bethesda, and E. Ray Stewart is the EVP/CFO of Belgacom, Belgium's major telecommunications company, headquartered in Bruseels.

The wedding

September 1, 2012 at the Hotel de Ville in the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium; followed by a champagne reception at the Hotel Amigo; and then dinner at The Dominican.

How they met

In September 2004, the couple met at JFK Airport when their American Airlines flight to Brussels was mistakenly deplaned in an abandoned terminal.

First date

The couple went to see a production of Mama Mia! in Brussels.

The proposal

Ray took Barbara on a romantic cruise from Athens to Venice and ended up proposing after they got back to Brussels.

Number of people who attended



Baked clay and cream

What made the day so special

The Mayor of Brussels officiated the ceremony.

First Dance

"The Power of Love" by Celine Dion.

Favorite detail

The wedding cake was from Wittamer, the Belgian choclateir and the pastry chef matched the icing to Barbara's dress.

Favorite moment of the day

Ray was suprised when Barbara changed shortly before the dancing began to a different dress.

What made you cry

The special toasts by Ray's 32-year-old son and Barbara's 20-year-old son.


From Apostrophe in Brussels.


Paul-Eric Pageau

The honeymoon

Istanbul, Turkey

Wedding Planner

Geraldine Molloy


Daniel Ost Floral Design, Brussels


Frederic, owner of Didier et Rosalinde


Laurance of Didier et Rosalinde

Programs/Menu Cards

From Creative Parties in Bethesda. The menu cards were in three languages.


Paper Source in Bethesda.


The Dominican


Brussels in the Clouds book and Marcolini Chocolates in a personalized gift bag imprinted "Brussels! 1 September 2012."

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