November-December 2010


Earn, Baby, Earn

More women are working than ever before. But stay-at-home moms wanting to return to the workforce find that joining them isn't easy

Higher Grounds

Hoping for an independent coffee house in Bethesda.

Who the Tide Brought In

Treasure for an intrepid fossil-hunter: whale vertebrae, sharks' teeth and other fossilized remains along the York River.

"Now I'm a Good Boy and I Don't Even Have to Try"

Parents wonder if drugs are the answer for children struggling with ADHD-or if they're simply a crutch in an over-achieving society.

The Bench Warmers

A Chevy Chase couple finds that sometimes the best seat in the house is right outside.

Women We Admire

Nine women who demonstrate grace, generosity of spirit and remarkable achievement.

Queen of Cool

How a local stress expert keeps calm.

The Beauty of Getting Ahead

Area women talk beauty and how appearance affects their lives.

Birth of a Restaurant

The opening of Food, Wine & Co. in Bethesda.



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