November-December 2009



After a spirited attempt to replace Rockville as the county seat failed, Gaithersburg progressed along a different path than its next-door neighbor.

Glen Echo

The town first attracted visitors with its Chautaqua movement, then later seduced them with its amusements.

Last Man Hanging

Until the 1920s, justice was administered locally at the end of a rope.

The History Quiz

How Well Do You Know Montgomery County's Past?

Garrett Park

Envisioned as Washington's 'Hyde Park,' Garrett Park developed a personality of its own.

Silver Spring

The rise, then fall, then rise again of a town that owes its start to a cantankerous steed.

The House of Herman Hollerith

A young man's serendipitous meeting gives rise to the computer-and a company that would become IBM.

When Presidents Came to Visit

Some came for business, others for pleasure. But whatever brought them, our nation's leaders left an indelible mark on Montgomery County history.

Blueprint of the Past

The Bethesda area has a wide range of residential architectural styles. Here's how they came to be.

Cabin John

A one-time summer getaway hides a mystery in its name.

What’s in a Name?

How neighborhoods got their names.



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