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These 10 Bethesda-area pizzerias have captured our attention

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Families fill Pizza CS in Rockville. Photo by Deb Lindsey.


Pizza CS

We love that Pizza CS, a purveyor of Neapolitan pies on Rockville Pike since 2011, takes the guesswork out of wondering how big their pizzas are by putting a diagram of the 11-inch size on the menu. CS stands for “come sempre” in Italian, meaning “like always,” signaling that owners Ankur Rajpara and Jonathan Allen are dedicated to putting out a consistent product and following the strictures of real Neapolitan pizza, down to the dough, the cheese, the tomatoes and the oven—in their case, a Stefano Ferrara oak-fired brick beauty made in Italy.

The restaurant’s Burrata Margherita features as cheese made with mozzarella and cream.

What comes through the most in CS’s pizzas is the tang in the dough that results from a 48-hour fermentation. It is said the test of a Neapolitan pizzeria is the quality of its simplest pie: the margherita, made only of dough, tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil. CS’s is superlative, but we adore the Burrata Margherita that stars burrata (cheese made with mozzarella and cream) instead of buffalo cheese. Burrata elevates the already noble margherita by adding extra richness and luxuriance. (Save room for dessert pizza, a thin crust baked to cracker crispness and slathered with Nutella. Add a scoop of JJ Hoffman’s Creamery ice cream—salty caramel if they have it.)

Pizza CS, 1596-B Rockville Pike, Rockville; 240-833-8090;

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