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Pizza Perfect

These 10 Bethesda-area pizzerias have captured our attention

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Out-of-the-Ordinary Pizzas


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Matchbox’s prosciutto, fig and blue cheese pizza

This white pizza is baked with roasted garlic purée, mozzarella, dollops of blue cheese and dried figs, then topped with prosciutto slices, peppery arugula and drizzles of honey laced with black pepper. It’s a delectable balance of sweet and tang, crunch and saltiness. (Add crushed red pepper flakes for a hit of heat.)

Matchbox, 1699 Rockville Pike, Rockville; 301-816-0369;


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M&N’s Pizza’s palak paneer pizza

Owner Menoj Mehta uses uncommon toppings—he even has a menu section labeled “Whacky Pizzas.” We love the boldly flavored palak paneer offering, which is based on the popular Indian dish of the same name. (Palak is spinach; paneer is a fresh cow’s milk cheese pressed into a solid block.) Creamed curried spinach serves as the pizza’s sauce, which is topped with red onions, mozzarella and feta cheese, and cubes of paneer before being baked.

7750 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda; 301-656-6262;


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Little Beast’s BBQ pork pizza

Chef Naomi Gallego is on fire at this jam-packed-from-day-one Upper Northwest D.C. café that opened last September and features Neapolitan-style pizzas. The one we crave is made with pork butt that’s been cured, braised for more than six hours, shredded and then baked on a pie with a smoky molasses barbecue sauce, tiny cubes of butternut squash, pickled shallots and scallions.

5600 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, D.C.; 202-741-4599;


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Potomac Pizza’s Mexican pizza

The Mexican pizza makes perfect sense, especially if you think of the crust as a pizza version of a flour tortilla. It’s spread with refried beans, tomato salsa, guacamole, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, and then baked and topped with shredded iceberg lettuce and diced tomatoes. Absolutely ask for the optional pickled jalapeños.

19 Wisconsin Circle, Chevy Chase, 301-951-1127; 9812 Falls Road, Potomac, 301-299-7700; 9709 Traville Gateway Drive, Rockville, 301-279-2234;



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