Figuratively Speaking

Figuratively Speaking

Montgomery County’s Bicycle Master Plan by the numbers

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Montgomery County’s Bicycle Master Plan, approved by the county council in November 2018, calls for an expansive network of bike paths and aims to increase cycling rates and improve safety conditions for cyclists. The 25-year plan, which provides for only a partial completion of the proposed network, aims to complement about 260 miles of existing bike trails, separated and conventional lanes and bike-friendly shoulders in the county. Nearly 100 miles of bikeways would be built in the county’s Rural West policy area encompassing Poolesville and Barnesville—the most of any of the county’s 38 specifically defined geographical areas. In the plan, “bikeway” refers to any path that can accommodate a bicycle, including trails and roads. A “sidepath” is a bikeway that is physically separated from traffic. Here’s a look at the master plan, by the numbers.


Infographic by Amanda Smallwood.

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