May-June 2011

The New Restaurants

More than two dozen new restaurants have opened in the area in the past year, several of them by big-name chefs. We tell you which to visit-and which to pass by. Plus, a look at the new restaurants still to come.

Made in the Shade

How do a couple of Chevy Chase gardening experts transform a sun-challenged yard into a horticultural masterpiece? One plant at a time.

Take it Outside

A number of area restaurants are bringing something special to the table: Mother Nature. Here are our favorites.

It’s a Mod, Mod World

They're greener, they go up faster and they may be cheaper-which is why builders and new buyers in the area are embracing luxury modular homes.

The Making of a Chef

L'Academie de Cuisine student Jenna Meyer had all the ingredients for success at the culinary school. Then the real world entered the mix.

Sharp Lookout

Karen Daley knows what an accidental needlestick can do to a person-it ended her nursing career and threatened her life. Now she works to ensure that doesn't happen to anyone else.