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May-June 2009


Extreme Green

Two new homes push the limits of green construction-in very different ways.

Community of the Canal

The natural beauty of the C&O Canal provides a sanctuary for residents.

Pedaling the Path

A couple bikes the length of the C&O towpath, encountering friendly folks, beautiful scenery-and a very dark tunnel.

The Grand Old Ditch

The C&O Canal is a well-loved escape to nature, but its locks and lockhouses are crumbling because of a lack of money.

Visible Man

Neil Phillips, head of Landon's Upper School, is leading an effort to create positive role models for African-American boys.

Going the Distance

Four Bethesda-area endurance athletes push body-and mind-to the limit.

Pushing Boundaries

Samantha Guerry of Bethesda learned she had multiple sclerosis at age 26, but that didn't stop her from anything.

Enchanting Onancock

This quaint town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia has been transformed by newcomers, but not overwhelmed by tourists.

The House on the Hill

In the first half of the 20th century, Stone Ridge was the palatial home of one of Washington's most influential lawyers.

Leading Professionals ยป

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