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The Top Producers

A list of the real estate agents and teams with the top total sales in Montgomery County and Upper Northwest D.C.


Residential real estate is big business in Montgomery County and Upper Northwest D.C. (ZIP codes 20015 and 20016). Last year, 7,388 single-family homes were sold in those areas for a total of $7.9 billion.

Not surprisingly, Montgomery County has a large number of real estate agents who live here—8,470 agents, according to the Maryland Real Estate Commission.

But not all real estate agents are created equal. A small percentage of the agents sell a large percentage of the homes.

On the following pages we list the top producers—the individual agents with total sales in the county and Upper Northwest D.C. (ZIP codes 20015 and 20016) of at least $8 million from Nov. 1, 2018, through Oct. 31, 2019; and teams with at least $16 million in sales during the same period.

In the list, we tag an elite group of agents and teams as “top tier producers.” Agents with that designation had at least $15 million in sales, and teams had average sales of at least $7.5 million per licensed team member. Top tier producers are designated with the symbol.

The agents and teams are listed in alphabetical order under the offices where they work. The list reflects the brokerage the agents/teams were affiliated with and includes any changes that were reported to Bethesda Magazine as of Jan. 20, 2020.

The sales data was provided by the real estate brokerages and offices that are listed.

TOP_producer_icon= Top Tier Producer


Allied Realty Corp.

Mary J. Murphy

Coakley Realty

Lori Maggin TOP_producer_icon
Michael P. Rose TOP_producer_icon

Coldwell Banker Bethesda

Lorin Culver

The Aisenbergs TOP_producer_icon

Compass Bethesda

Mike Aubrey
Steve Baumgartner
Annabel Burch-Murton
Traudel Lange TOP_producer_icon
Carrie Mann
Michael Matese TOP_producer_icon
Kyle Richards TOP_producer_icon
Pam Ryan-Brye TOP_producer_icon
Laura Steuart TOP_producer_icon
Lynne Tucker
Steve Withrow

Aret & Associates
Atlas Group
Ferguson Group TOP_producer_icon
The Friedson Group
Galanti Group TOP_producer_icon
Margie Halem Group

Compass Chevy Chase

Koki Adasi
Christy Bakaly
Eva Davis
Chad Dudley TOP_producer_icon
Jennifer Knoll
Rina Kunk TOP_producer_icon
Cheryl Kurss
Lindsay Lucas TOP_producer_icon
Meredith Margolis TOP_producer_icon
Michael Shapiro
Susan Van Nostrand
Maureen Weaver
Rebecca Weiner

Cara Pearlman Group
Carmen Fontecilla Group
Casaday Allison Group TOP_producer_icon
Dana Rice Group TOP_producer_icon
Donovan & Wye GroupTOP_producer_icon
Erich Cabe Team
Ferris Levin Collaborative
The Fleisher Group TOP_producer_icon
The Mary Lynn White Team
The Reishman Group
Sam Solovey Group TOP_producer_icon
The Shorb Team TOP_producer_icon
Taylor Agostino Group TOP_producer_icon
Trent & Co.
Wydler Brothers