March-April 2019 | Food & Drink

In the Mood for Mexican

Here are 10 offerings that highlight the crunchy, cheesy, citrusy, picante deliciousness of Mexican dishes and the food inspired by them

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Photo by Deb Lindsey.


Lobster Quesadilla at Millie’s

The allure of a quesadilla comes down to two things: crispy griddled flour tortillas and, in between them, melted cheese. Other fillings can be just about any ingredient under the sun, but it’s one that’s closer to the ocean—lobster—that intrigues us at Millie’s in D.C.’s Spring Valley neighborhood. “When we opened the original Millie’s in Nantucket in 2010, we took the bounty of seafood available there and wrapped it in a Mexican envelope,” says Executive Chef David Scribner, who co-owns Millie’s with Bo Blair. “The lobster quesadilla was an instant hit.”

It was also a hit at the Millie’s in Spring Valley when it opened in 2017. Inside the warm, crispy tortillas of the Steps Beach quesadilla (named after a Nantucket beach) are plentiful chunks of knuckle and claw lobster meat, cubes of sautéed zucchini, Monterey Jack and Chihuahua cheese, and oven-roasted tomatoes. On the side are two excellent complements: sour cream flavored with lime zest, and a salsa made with roasted tomatoes, dried chili peppers, jalapeños, grilled onions and cilantro. “There’s something luxurious about that lobster and the gooey cheese all melted together—it’s simple and delicious,” Scribner says. We concur.

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