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In the Mood for Mexican

Here are 10 offerings that highlight the crunchy, cheesy, citrusy, picante deliciousness of Mexican dishes and the food inspired by them

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Ceviche Aventura at Guapo’s

The regular menu at Guapo’s includes an antojito (starter) called ceviche mixto, a bright combination of cooked shrimp, calamari, scallops, cilantro, lemon juice and chopped jalapeños. But ceviche, the beloved preparation of (usually) raw fish cured with citrus juice that’s popular throughout Latin America, including Mexico, also gets its own menu at the local chain’s six restaurants (two are in Montgomery County), with 11 variations to choose from.

One dish caught our eye as it made its way across the dining room: the ceviche aventura, a nod to Peru. It’s a generous mound of fresh raw tilapia, sliced poached octopus and perfectly cooked whole shrimp tossed with thinly sliced Peruvian red onions, julienned cilantro leaves and a sunny yellow vinaigrette made with lime juice, a touch of mayonnaise and yellow pepper purée. The delightful salad is crowned with cubes of avocado and accompanied by cancha (toasted corn nuts), a dollop of sweet potato purée and a salsa of red rocoto peppers. We like to mix the red pepper salsa into the ceviche for a kick of heat. n

Guapo’s, 8130 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, 301-656-0888; 9811 Washingtonian Blvd. (RIO Washingtonian Center), Gaithersburg, 301-977-5655;

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