Family Portrait: The Shah Family

Family Portrait: The Shah Family

Life with triplets

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Ravi (top left) and Rupal Shah live in Silver Spring with their triplets (from left) Ariya, Dhilan and Jasmin. Photo by Liz Lynch

When their triplets—daughters Ariya and Jasmin, and son Dhilan—were born at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring in 2011, Rupal and Ravi Shah quickly realized they were outnumbered. “We’re always playing zone. It’s never man-on-man,” says Ravi, a Winston Churchill High School alum. When the Silver Spring parents get an occasional break, they savor calm, quiet meals. “That’s our favorite thing to do,” Rupal says, “eat slowly.”

Against the odds: When the Shahs were going through fertility treatments, a doctor said there was a 20 percent chance they’d have multiples. “So we were gearing ourselves up to have twins,” says Ravi, 34, a senior billing and revenue analyst for Neustar in Sterling, Virginia. When an ultrasound showed triplets, they were shocked. “I’d never met a triplet before in my life.”

Tight squeeze: The SUV crossover the couple bought before the triplets arrived wasn’t big enough, so they traded it in for a minivan. Their stroller was unwieldy. “It wouldn’t fit in a regular elevator,” says Rupal, 37, an enterprise applications manager for SocialCode in the District. “It had to be in a hospital-size elevator.”

Little celebrities: When they were babies, Rupal says, “People literally would stop us: ‘Can we take a picture?’ ”

No two alike: Jasmin, the leader of the pack, takes a singing class; Dhilan, who loves soccer, is her sidekick. “He never does anything without her,” Rupal says. Ariya enjoys Bollywood dancing and doing her own thing. “On ultrasounds, you would see Dhilan and Jasmin kicking each other and Ariya just hanging out by herself. That trend kind of stayed through the years.”

Vacation to remember: When the triplets were 18 months old, the family flew to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. “Random passengers would help us out, holding a baby as we were trying to sit down,” Ravi says. Looking back, Rupal says with a laugh, they wouldn’t make that trip again.


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