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March-April 2016


History: The First Settlers in Montgomery County

Native Americans thrived here for more than 10,000 years before Europeans arrived

Finding Homes for Aging Cats

A Rockville rescue group matches seniors with aging cats that need a home.

Driving Range: The Allure of Nelson County, Virginia

Get ready for good libations and beautiful scenery

Top Teens

Meet the 13 winners of the 2016 Bethesda Magazine Extraordinary Teen Awards

Banter From One Mom to Another

A Silver Spring woman helps start a nonprofit to distribute used kids clothing and gear

Cooking Class: Walnut Cinnamon Baklava

Pour a honey syrup over layers of crunchy nuts and thin pastry for a flaky treat

A Painter at Heart

After a 25-year career in the federal government, Bethesda's Patsy Flemming has returned to her true passion: painting

Dine Review: Inferno Pizzeria

A "refined" pizza restaurant from an accomplished chef

Rising Above

How Rockville's Nichole Land overcame countless challenges in her young life.

Be Well: Foot Love

Bethesda Podiatrist Paul Ross says we need to treat our feet better

Talking to Strangers

Why don't we like to talk to people we don't know?

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