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March-April 2015


Extraordinary Teens 2015

The stories behind this year's 14 winners from local high schools

Photos: Life Inside Bethesda’s Tastee Diner

The stories and people behind the local institution

Take a Trip: 4 Places to Travel This Spring

Golf in Charlottesville; see penguins in Baltimore; visit the world's largest indoor garden show in Philadelphia; or fly to the Caribbean.

Suburbanology: Should I Keep My Landline Phone?

Despite problems with an aging copper phone line network, landlines provide an important connection to 911 services

Locally Made Sodas and Beer – Where to Find Them

Plus: The story of a former attorney who now makes fine chocolates

Cooking Class: Simply Soufflé

Looking for a light, elegant ending to an Easter brunch or a springtime gathering? With just a few steps, you can whip up a dessert that's sure to win rave reviews.

Going Out with the Gips Family

A Bethesda family reflects on eating at 192 Bethesda restaurants in 2014

A Guide to Bethesda-Area Development Projects

Major apartment, condo and town house projects are springing up all over southern Montgomery County

Fly Fishing in the Virginia Piedmont

A writer explores a sport beloved by her father, brother, husband and son for the first time.

Here for a Reason

As a 58-year-old living with cystic fibrosis, John Sackett has overcome incredible odds. Now, the president of Shady Grove Medical Center wants to make his hospital world class. He may be the right guy to pull it off.

Goodbye Jeans, Hello Spandex

"Athleisure" wear is on the rise across the country, and it fits right in with the hustle of Bethesda life

Be Well: Just Keep Moving

Fitness instructor Kristine Oleson is giving other moms of young kids a gift-time to exercise.

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