March-April 2013

The Re-education of Dr. Holt

He was a Harvard-trained anesthesiologist who'd been a championship swimmer at West Point. But after his Humvee hit a bomb, the Bethesda man faced his toughest challenge-relearning how to walk, talk and do his job.

The Nanny & Mrs. Senker

How do two women from different circumstances and different parts of the world end up the best of friends? A story about the synchronicity of friendship

The Endless Season

Once, the oyster was synonymous with Maryland cuisine. Now, a Bethesda man is banking on its revival-with a farm-raised mollusk that can be eaten on the half-shell year-round

Restoration Drama

A crumbling roof. Collapsed ceilings. Raccoons, both living and dead. A local builder's mammoth undertaking at historic Baltzley Castle becomes his own private obsession

Letting Joey Go

There's only so much parents can do to shape their children's lives. Sandra Swenson learned that the hard way, when one of her two sons followed the straight and narrow-while the other spiraled into addiction.