March-April 2012 | Education

Top Teens 2012

Bethesda Magazine's 2012 Extraordinary Teen Awards.

Photo by Michael VenturaVincent Kindfuller

Senior, Landon School

His AP physics teacher calls his work “ingenious,” and his classical culture and civilization teacher notes that he’s at the top of the class, but 18-year-old Vince Kindfuller says he doesn’t have a favorite subject. The Potomac teen likes multivariable calculus because he enjoys “thinking about all the ways that math can be applied,” but he also favors an elective course that explores moral, philosophical and legal issues.

He is one of 13 senior prefects—chosen by faculty members and his peers—to lead by example, meet with school staff and counsel fellow students. He is the editor-in-chief of the Landon News, and has been instrumental in building Landon’s fledgling debate team.

Other accomplishments: Vince was a starting offensive lineman on Landon’s varsity football squad. He is the co-captain of the rifle team and will be a member of the rugby team again this spring.

What others say: “Anything he puts his mind to he seems to be able to do,” says Fred Mora, his English teacher and adviser. “He does it well, and he does it humbly. He is endlessly energetic, curious, open-minded and engaged.”

What his future holds: Inspired by a love of history and a desire to serve his country, Vince has applied to the United States Naval Academy. He also has applied to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and won a Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps scholarship that would pay his tuition if he’s accepted. Vince hopes to become a nuclear engineer on a submarine. “I’d be able to take that experience and use it for whatever I did next,” he says.