March-April 2009


Speaking For Those Who Can't

For two Sri Lankan Tamils, a comfortable life in Bethesda doesn't erase the memories of their homeland or the desire to help their people back home.

Scenes From the New Economy

The recession is affecting different businesses in different ways.

Team Player

For Under Armour CEO and Kensington native Kevin Plank, it's always been about the huddle.


Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg is paradise for kids.

Riverside Palace

Potomac's Marwood estate, fashioned after European palaces, hosted American royalty.

Buyers Market

Home prices are down--and sellers are eager. But buying a house isn't always easy.

Creative Gardener

A once-drab lot now has something for everyone, thanks to a homeowner who was up to the challenge.


Bethesda Magazine readers and contributors share humorous and touching parenting stories.

World of Worries

Many parents worry about things that could happen to their kids. Are their worries warranted?



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