July-August 2012 | Features

The Business of Love

We talk about it, dream about it, write about it, worry about it. LOVE. It bedevils us all. But a few local people are here to help.

Proposal Planner

Photo by Stephanie Bragg

Christina Eaglin

49, Silver Spring
My Marriage Proposal Planner

Christina Eaglin was advising her niece’s fiancé on his wedding proposal plans when she thought: Why not help others with their big moment?

So Eaglin, who was laid off from her communications job last fall, started My Marriage Proposal Planner, a company specializing in the coordination of elaborate and memorable events.

“There aren’t many more exciting moments in life besides seeing someone propose,” says Eaglin, who helped surprise her niece with a 2-carat diamond ring hidden in a gift bag of birthday presents. “The hopeless romantic in me loves to see the tears and feel the love.”

Helping men—and sometimes women—figure out how to pop the question is becoming a profitable business. Witness a recent New York Times story about professional planners who charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars to help execute marriage proposals.

Eaglin, who’s divorced and the mother of daughters Maya, 15, and Emily, 17, brings a passion for romance and experience as an event planner for radio and TV stations to her new career. Working out of her home, she’s targeting the busy professional who wants to create a memorable proposal, but doesn’t have the time to do so.

“I’ve heard of some pretty anticlimactic engagements,” Eaglin says. “This is the rest of your life we’re talking about, so it’s important to take that extra step to make it special.”

What she has learned about love: “I have learned that when two people are truly authentic, honest and have each other’s interests front and center of their relationship, love is truly the insatiable gift that keeps on giving.”

—Cara Hedgepeth