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July-August 2011


Dress for Success Book Signing

The event featured speaker Amy Schoen, author of "How to Find and Keep Your Ideal Romantic Relationship," at Bloomingdale's in Chevy Chase.

Tasteful Gardeners

Bethesda-area diners are getting a fresh taste of the trend: chefs using their own gardens as the inspiration for restaurant dishes. Here, two local chefs tell how their gardens grow.

Taking the Rap

A B-CC grad known as KAM Royal finds a musical fan base that's loyal.

Alexandra Robbins’ Revenge of the Nerds

The Walt Whitman graduate and best-selling author introduces Quirk Theory, and explains why she keeps returning to high school.

Don’t Hate the Meter Man

Milton Bonilla is a nice guy, really. But let your parking meter expire and he'll have just the ticket.

Web Exclusive: New Bethesda Circulator

The new vehicles feature upgraded seating and state-of-the-art interior and exterior design.

The Incredible Lightness of Bee-ing

Potomac's Jason Schwartz finds his new career healthier in every way.

Smooth Customers

The zeitgeist of getting a professional blow-dry.

Position for Life

A local therapist makes all the right moves to avert injury.

Bethesda Big Train 2011

Bethesda Magazine Night at the Big Train.

The Escape Artist

Tyra was a lovable pooch who loved to wander outside. Now, she was slipping away for good.

Web Exclusive: College Trivia

Whitman High School grad wins $53,800 on Jeopardy!

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