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July-August 2009


Easy Escape

Girlfriends' getaway and family-friendly aren't mutually exclusive at this resort in Cambridge, Md.

Team Players

The couple behind Bethesda Big Train baseball.

Nest Cafe

The restaurant is a lively roosting place for all.

Down Size, Up Style

Luxurious condos with style.

Fresh Start

After giving up careers to raise their children, these women went back to work on their own terms.

Coolest Companies

Four companies where hard work mixes with creativity and fun.

Against the Wind

Only 15 months after his last treatment for cancer, Tom Davenport skied 750 miles across Antarctica to the South Pole-and back.

Montgomery County vs. Fairfax County

We're next-door neighbors and strikingly similar demographically, so why can't local residents imagine living across the river?

Florentine Flair

Potomac's Kentsdale is an elaborate Italian-style villa with a colorful past.

Cooking Class

Roasted Vegetable Rolls With Goat Cheese.

Leading Professionals ยป

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