July-August 2009


Home Work

For some people who work at home, their "office" is the dining room table or anywhere in the house with enough room for a laptop, paperwork and a cup of coffee. For others, a separate work space ranks high on the priority list. They invest the time and energy to set up an area for their work that reflects who they are, what they do and how they do it. These five Bethesda-area professionals work in home offices that fit their lives like a favorite sweater. Each office is different, but they share a common theme-they make home a great place to work.

Paradise Lost?

By the year 2020, will a growing population and increased urban development hurt the quality of life in the Bethesda area?

Cooking Class

Roasted Vegetable Rolls With Goat Cheese.

Florentine Flair

Potomac's Kentsdale is an elaborate Italian-style villa with a colorful past.

Fresh Start

After giving up careers to raise their children, these women went back to work on their own terms.

Coolest Companies

Four companies where hard work mixes with creativity and fun.

Against the Wind

Only 15 months after his last treatment for cancer, Tom Davenport skied 750 miles across Antarctica to the South Pole-and back.

Montgomery County vs. Fairfax County

We're next-door neighbors and strikingly similar demographically, so why can't local residents imagine living across the river?

Best Place to Live

Is the Bethesda area the best place in the country to live?

Travel Tales

Bethesda Magazine readers share their travel experiences to exotic destinations.



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