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‘A Perfect Match’

At a therapeutic riding center in Boyds, horses are helping people with special needs discover their strengths and abilities

The Perfect Match

Joe Robinson wanted nothing to do with being a donor. He hated needles and was squeamish about blood. But when he agreed to donate his bone marrow to save someone's life, he got something precious in return.

The Nurse Practitioner Is In

No, she's not a doctor. She just does a lot of the same things doctors do.

A Better Pill to Swallow

A writer's search for an alternative to antidepressants leads him to an unassuming office in Rockville and a potential miracle drug dubbed NSI-189

Trouble With The Curve

How a girl with an S-shaped spine finally straightened up

Going Viral

Hepatitis C is sweeping through the generation that came of age in the '60s and '70s. But many baby boomers don't even know they have it.


Actress Angelina Jolie made headlines when she revealed that she'd had a double mastectomy after learning she carried a BRCA gene mutation. But well before she 'came out,' a number of local women were taking their own preemptive action.

A Shot at Happiness

Everybody knows that Botox can make you look better. Now, doctors are learning that it can make you feel better, too.

Stress: It's Sickening. Really.

In the high-pressure environs of Bethesda, the 'plague' of our generation is claiming plenty of victims

It Takes a Village

The aging in place movement is gaining momentum as communities throughout Montgomery County band together to help elderly neighbors

Breath of Hope

What happens when a woman is diagnosed with a rare lung disease and given a short time to live? Sometimes, life happens


For soldiers dealing with PTSD and other issues, the military has endorsed a novel treatment: a form of mindful meditation known as iRest

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