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Prep For Life

They were the 'in crowd,' the girls everybody else wanted to be. And they weren't even in high school yet.

Safety Check

Nobody wants to see a Columbine or a Sandy Hook happen in our schools. But how do you prevent it when school resource officers are already spread so thin?

Going Public

High school students who've made the leap from private school tell what it's like - the good, the bad and the ugly

The Gifted: Left Behind?

With a new curriculum aimed at meeting the needs of more students, parents of advanced learners fear their kids are getting short shrift

Top Teens 2012

Bethesda Magazine's 2012 Extraordinary Teen Awards.

The Education of Nicol Copeland

How do you deal with the anxiety over meeting a child's special needs? If you're Jillian Copeland, you start your own school.

The Senior-Year Itch

Go to class? Do homework? In their final year of high school, a lot of students are saying, 'Fugetaboutit'

The Starr Report

After a sometimes rocky ride at his previous post, the county's new superintendent of schools hopes to continue Jerry Weast's legacy-and, oh, yeah, have a life.

A Sporting Solution?

With the high cost of high school athletics, booster clubs are stepping in to cover the financial breach-and creating an uneven playing field in the process.

Web Exclusive: College Trivia

Whitman High School grad wins $53,800 on Jeopardy!

The Last Lessons of Jerry Weast

A question and answer session with the retiring superintendent of Montgomery County Public School.

The Sub-Text of Scandal

Cheating, sexting, a fantasy sex league: Are these recent events symptoms of a larger problem with kids today?

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