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Best Modern Fried Chicken (Editors’ Pick)

Barrel and Crow

Crunchy, spicy, salty, sweet; Barrel and Crow’s fried chicken with collards, waffles, maple syrup and apple-pear compote has it all. To achieve the uniquely flavored crust and juicy interior, the Amish chicken parts are seasoned with a mixture of onion and garlic powders, cayenne, salt, sugar, smoked paprika, dry mustard and a small amount of curry powder, and cooked sous vide-style (sealed in a bag and immersed in a warm water bath). Then the pieces get dipped in buttermilk, dredged in flour, deep-fried in hot canola oil, and finally sprinkled with a mix of the same spices, giving the crackly skin an auburn tinge. Insider tip: The dish is only listed on the lunch menu, but you can ask for it at dinner.

Barrel and Crow, 4867 Cordell Ave., Bethesda; (240) 800-3253;  


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